20+ Patio Conversation Sets Under $500

What do you remember most about past summers? The day at the beach or lake? The picnic party at the park? How about the memorable conversations you had with family and friends in your own backyard? We hope it’s all-of-the-above!

If you think back fondly on your memorable backyard conversations, this blog should help facilitate more summer memories as we’ve put together a list of our favorite patio conversation sets under $500.

Patio furniture can be quite expensive, so we wanted to showcase patio sets that are a bit more budget-friendly. Most of the patio sets feature seating up to four adults and often include two chairs, one sofa/loveseat, and one table. Be sure to check if the set includes cushions and/or free shipping as both will help reduce cost when buying new patio furniture.

Make your backyard conversations more comfortable this summer by getting one of these patio sets that will cost you less than $500.


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Prices are subject to change. Last updated on May 20, 2021.

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