Bargain Shopping Tips for Plus Size Clothing

In the past, many women found it difficult to find designer quality plus size clothing in-store and online. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to find fashionable plus size women’s clothing not only at your favorite retailer, but also at many specialty online plus size women’s clothing retailers. As finding women’s plus size clothing becomes even easier, so does the ability to bargain hunt for plus size clothing! There are several great ways to save on plus size women’s clothing as outlined below in our bargain shopping tips for women looking for discounted plus size clothing:

Clearance Rack

Some of the best deals are often overlooked. Many will show up in the sale, clearance, or outlet section on the website of your favorite retailer. So be sure to look there! Occasionally, you can save up to 80% off original prices this way. Don’t forget about the parent company of many retailers. For instance, you might have visited, but if you go to you can search for clearance deals before they make their way to the Rack.

Compare Prices

Always remember to compare prices for similar items at different retailers. If you plan to wear an item only a few times or occasionally, perhaps you can purchase a similar but cheaper item from a different retailer.

Use Coupons

Always check for coupons at your favorite retailer prior to shopping. You can find many of your favorite retailers by searching the coupon codes on or Many websites actually track these coupon codes along with expiration dates to help shoppers save. When filling out your order form online or in a catalog, look for an entry for “coupon code” or “promo code” and then enter a coupon code that applies. If ordering online, be sure to verify that you have received the discount for entering the coupon code. Usually you can spot the discounts during the checkout process.

Join Mailing Lists

Sign up to receive e-mail specials from your favorite plus size retailer. By signing up, you will receive notifications through e-mails and catalogs of any specials the retailer may be having. This can sometimes clog up your email inbox, so be sure to stick with the notifications from your favorite retailers. You can also create a dedicated email address that only receives store emails to help you keep track of when sales events are happening at your favorite stores.

Out-of-Season Fashion

Shop for out-of-season or pre-season clothing as many retailers will offer discounts on these items.

Machine-Washable Clothing

Buy machine-washable clothes. The cost of having to dry clean an item will make that item expensive in the long run. If you are not sure whether an item is machine-washable, be sure to ask the retailer before you buy.

Shop Local

Visit local stores that carry plus size clothing and browse through their clearance racks. Some local retailers try to quickly rid their racks of excessive inventory to make room for the latest fashion.

Be Your Own Stylist

Purchase items that coordinate well with what you already have in your wardrobe in terms of styling and color. Be your own stylist!

Using the above shopping tips will help you save money on plus size clothing. Dressing well should not have to be an expensive endeavor for the full-figured woman.

What are some of the ways you save money on plus size clothing? Share your tips in the comments section below.


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