10 Dorm Room Essentials All College Students Need

It’s that time of year again…Back to School! If you are a first year college student heading away to live on-campus or have been in college for a few years and have an apartment with friends, these basics will help you settle comfortably into your new home. Figuring out the necessary items you need is stressful, so put your mind at ease by purchasing the top 10 most popular college items!

10 Popular College Door Room Items

Dry Erase Board For Door

It’s always nice to receive a little note! When you are out and about and miss your fellow roommates and dorm mates, they can leave you a message.

Dry Erase Board
$12.45 (free shipping over $25) @ Amazon
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Refrigerator With Dry Erase Door

Many times you get sick of eating the same food items with on-campus dining, so the refrigerator allows you to stock up on your favorite food, drinks, and snacks. Also, having a dry erase board as the door opening allows you to keep track of your grocery and to-do lists!

Refrigerator with Dry Erase Door
$109 (free shipping) @ WalMart


This is a convenient way to enjoy a warm meal or drink in your home. Having immediate access prevents you from walking around campus late at night to grab something to eat. Double check the housing policies because some colleges/universities ban microwaves in the dorms and apartments.

Countertop Microwave
$129.99 (free shipping) @ Walmart

Papasan & Ottoman

Due to limited space in your residence, it is imperative to have a comfy and stylish spot for your visiting guests. When guests aren’t over, you will be able to unwind watching TV, reading a book, and even studying for an upcoming exam!

Papasan Chair
$99 (frame only) @ Pier 1 Imports
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Wall Posters & Pictures

Looking to show off your personality and style? Wall décor allows you to display your interests and decorate your walls in a trendy way.

Wall Posters
$4.99 (50% off – limited time offer) @ AllPosters.com
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This is a must-have! Comfortable pillows and a comforter allow you to get a good night’s rest after many late nights. Be sure to get the right bedding sizes, since many colleges/universities have twin extra long (XL) mattresses.

Bedding Sets
$71.99 (free shipping) @ Overstock.com
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Bathroom/Shower Caddy

Life sharing a bathroom can be tough, especially when it’s shared with 50 other residents down the hallway. To avoid making multiple trips back and forth to get ready, your caddy allows you to store all your important items, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

Shower Totes
$6.29 (free shipping) @ eBay
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You should be comfy at all times! Walking around your room and even the rooms of your friends let’s you slip these on to relax. House slippers keep your feet warm when it’s cold outside too!

$8.90 @ FOREVER 21
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Shower Shoes

To avoid catching some nasty foot disease, shower flip flops make it easy to take your shower while keeping your feet squeaky clean.

Shower Shoes
$16.99 (free shipping over $49) @ Bed Bath & Beyond
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Full length mirror

Wanting to see how you look before you go out? A full length mirror attached to the back of your door is imperative and let’s you instantly see how your outfit looks.

Full Length Door Mirror
$14.99 (free shipping on orders over $25) @ Target

Now that you have read about our top 10 dorm room essentials, what are some must-have items you have/had in your college dorm room or apartment? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

This article was guest authored by Alexandra Hybki.

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