Alien Golf Roswell Wedge

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Get this Alien Golf Roswell Wedge (available in 56 or 60 degree lofts) for only $79.99 (reg. $169.99) at Rock Bottom Golf. You save 53% off the retail price for this golf wedge. Shipping may add extra. The Alien Golf Roswell Wedge features a deep undercut sole, Gravity Rail System, and Space Gel Alien medallion. Sales tax is charged in most states. Deal may expire soon.

Club Details: The Alien Roswell® Wedge took us years to develop. Knowing that 65% of shots in a round of golf are played within 120 yards of the hole makes having the correct wedge mandatory. The Alien wedge features a deep cavity and wide Gravity Rail sole design that allows the golf ball to get up high quickly and land softly with amazing spin and control. The full-face CNC milled grooves and Laser engraved face combine to deliver the aggressive Spin needed for all shot types. From the dreaded bunker shot to the tight lies around the green as well as the deep rough, the meticulously designed Gravity Rail System Sole on our Alien wedge will allow you to conquer the most difficult lies the course throws at you. Simply line up square to your target and let the technology of the Alien Roswell® wedge do the work. The Alien wedge also features a proprietary Space Gel™ vibration dampener supported by dual stabilizing bars that combine forces to deliver amazing feel and forgiveness. The Alien Roswell® wedge, with its unique features, appearance and performance, is out of this world!

Alien Golf Roswell Wedge
Alien Golf Roswell Wedge
$79.99 $169.99
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