Inflatable Hangout Float Bar Duo

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Your river float trip called; it wants its fun back. If you’re like us, you likely agree that those tar-black innertubes of yesteryear don’t really cut it anymore. They’re sticky, hot, and severely lacking in the cup holder department, the works. That’s why we created the Hangout FLOATube—a sleek, stylish, functional, and downright innovative reimagining of the outdated river float inner tube. We’re talking: BVA padding for your back, a MAGNEPOD™ attachment point for your drink, PRV – pressure relief valve – so your tube never over-pressurizes, and mesh netting underneath, so you stay comfortable and supported.

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Inflatable Hangout Float Bar Duo
Inflatable Hangout Float Bar Duo
$942.30 $1,047.00

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