Vivitar QHD 10X Zoom Binocular Camcorder
7 months ago

Vivitar QHD 10X Zoom Binocular Camcorder

$99.99 $249.99
Night Vision
For those who crave unparalleled vision and the ability to capture moments day and night, the all-new Vivitar Digital Camera Binocular with Night Vision redefines how you can experience the world. With an exceptional 10X digital zoom and a powerful 4X optical zoom, this innovative device brings distant scenes closer with unrivaled clarity. With remarkable night vision capability, it provides clear visibility even in the darkest of environments. Designed with a range of up to 250 meters, it's possible to observe and capture details that were once hidden in the shadows. A generous 32GB memory card is included, ensuring that you can capture your adventures without storage limitations. Whether it's wildlife watching, stargazing, or nighttime events, the Vivitar Digital Camera Binocular opens a world of possibilities.
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