10+ Best Christmas Village Sets & Collections in 2024

The weeks leading up to Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with many Holiday traditions, family outings, and experiences. Spreading Holiday cheer comes in many forms with Christmas decorating being a major festivity most families will participate in.

Throughout the year, families have passed their Christmas decorations down from generation to generation so it’s no wonder Christmas villages have become a great way to showcase your love for this Holiday year after year.

Growing up my family collected pieces from Department 56 building our own little Christmas village. We focused on building up a decorative Christmas village using pieces from the ‘Christmas in the City’ Department 56 village collection. Each year we would introduce a new Christmas village building to our Holiday scene. We affectionately referred to it as our scene each year.

As my sisters and I grew older, my parents divided up some of the Christmas village set to help us start our own (little) village. The village would soon grow with pieces introduced from our Aunt and Uncle who were scaling back their own Christmas village. Let’s just say this year my Christmas village scene will need a much larger table to decorate.

What I didn’t realize growing up was that there were a few notable Christmas villages beyond that of Department 56 that were worth checking out. That is why I created this list of the best Christmas village sets to check out in 2023. Each of these Christmas villages have similar pieces and designs, some can be mixed and matched, but in the end I am certain you will produce your own festive Christmas scene.

I mainly focus on the designs and prices of these Christmas village sets as I have not examined all of them in person. I cannot speak to the quality of each village. I would expect the premium or higher priced Christmas villages to pay more attention to detail and quality. Since many of these villages are hand-painted, it makes sense that the quality will make a huge difference based on price.

Also keep in mind that this list is not a ranked list. I am simply helping you discover the many Christmas village sets available online, in-store, and at your local boutique Holiday & gift retailers.

Department 56 Christmas Village Set

Department 56 is one of the most popular and well known Christmas village collections. Department 56 was started in 1976 and has grown from a core set of Christmas villages (e.g. Original Snow Village) to licensed villages (e.g. Disney & Grinch villages). For those that are looking for a premium Christmas village, this is definitely the collection you should check out. Their more complex buildings can be upwards of $275; however, you can definitely find great pieces to add to your village scene for much less.

Price: $$$$$

Where to Buy Deparment 56 Village Buildings & Figurines?

Lemax Christmas Village Set

Lemax is another premium Christmas village set that has grown since their early beginnings in 1990. They’ve become a worldwide recognizable brand in Christmas villages over the years. Many of their pieces don’t just look festive and decorative, they light-up and feature sounds to make your Lemax Christmas village scene come to life. Many of their larger Christmas buildings are in the $50-$100 price range, so not too cheap but also not too expensive for being one of the premium Christmas village brands.

Price: $$$$

Where to Buy Lemax Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Village Set

Just about everyone has seen the 1964 Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This Christmas village set brings to life the characters from this wonderful Holiday film. The buildings incorporated in this village don’t quite match what was in the movie, but the lovable characters do. It features four buildings that illuminate and numerous character figures from the film including Sam the Snowman, Hermey, Bumble, Rudolph, Santa, among others. If looking for a complete village set, this entire village set is quite a good bargain at less than $430 shipped.

Price: $$$

Where to Buy Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

St. Nicholas Square Christmas Village Set

St. Nicholas Square is another Christmas village set with similar buildings comparable to other village sets. This collection introduces new pieces that create an old fashioned Christmas village look. Like many of the other Christmas villages, the pieces are crafted by artisans and hand-painted. It’s a moderately priced premium Christmas village with all pieces under $150 (each).

Price: $$$$

Where to Buy St. Nicholas Square Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

Carole Towne Christmas Village Set

Carole Towne is a smaller Christmas village collectible series featuring a number of pieces that will light-up and play music to transform your village scene. Although the pieces are hand-painted, the detailing doesn’t strike me as being a premium village quality. Practically all of the pieces are under $100 with some great pieces under $50, so it might be a great started village.

Price: $$$

Where to Buy Carole Towne Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

Holiday Living Christmas Village Set

The Holiday Living Christmas village is a much smaller brand in this Christmas decor niche. Many of the pieces light-up like other sets, but only a few pieces make musical sounds. If you are considering a Christmas village on a budget, this might be a good Christmas village collection to check out as I couldn’t find a piece over $60.

Price: $$

Where to Buy Holiday Living Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

FG Square Christmas Village Set

Like many reading this list, you may have never heard of the FG Square Christmas village collection. It’s probably because it is exclusive to Menards, a regional home improvement retailer in the Midwest. Most of the larger Christmas buildings in this set are under $80 and with most pieces in the $40 price range, this Christmas village is on the lower price point.

Price: $$$

Where to Buy FG Square Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

The Holiday Aisle Christmas Village Set

The Holiday Aisle Christmas village set features quite a few buildings, figurines, and decorative pieces. If you are interested in starting your own Christmas village, but don’t want to commit to an entire Christmas village scene, The Holiday Aisle has many great standalone pieces. Like many of the other Christmas villages, it is on the moderate to premium price range.

Price: $$$

Where to Buy The Holiday Aisle Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

The Pioneer Woman Christmas Village Set

Fans of Ree Drummond, more well know for being The Pioneer Woman, may be more fanatics of this small Christmas village set than others. The Pioneer Woman Christmas village collection largely consists of landmark buildings close to the Drummond family. If you happen to be a fan of The Pioneer Woman and want to add an inexpensive Christmas scene to your Holiday decor collection, this set will be perfect for you.

Price: $

Where to Buy The Pioneer Woman Christmas Village Buildings & Figurines?

Kurt Adler Christmas Village Set

You may be familiar with Kurt Adler figurine designs, but did you know Kurt Adler created a Christmas village? It’s true! The Kurt Adler designed Christmas village set comes in a traditional village style (similar to many village mentioned above) or gingerbread house style. The pieces are handcrafted as with other sets and features similar lights & sounds. The buildings in this village set can be on the more expensive side with many options over $100.

Price: $$$$$

Where to Buy Kurt Adler Christmas Village Set Buildings & Figurines?

Many of these collection can also be found on marketplace retailers like Amazon, eBay, Mercari, and Walmart.

When mixing and matching collections, be sure to consider your desired theme, paint finish (e.g. matte or shiny), and just make it your own! A uniform Christmas village is nice, but a unique village set created through your own vision, can be just as special.

As always, enjoy the memories you and your family will create this year setting up your Christmas village decorations. Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas!

Are there any Christmas village sets I didn’t mention in this list? Do you have any strong opinions or thoughts on some of these Christmas villages? Share your thoughts with my readers in the comments below.

Also, feel free to share pictures of your Christmas village scenes below to help inspire other fans of Christmas.


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