20 Ways to Save Money on Gas for Your Car

The price of gas has been on a steady uptick the last month and the rise in price does not appear to be slowing any time soon. According to YCharts.com the average US retail gas price went from $3.51 on March 6th to $3.77 on April 17th. Even though gas prices are well under the June 2022 peak of $5.11, this is a pretty significant rise in the price of gas. It’s making many families look for any gas savings they can find.

How To Save Money On Gas For Your Vehicle

For those looking to help lower the cost of gas for you and your family, we have come up with a list of twenty ways to save money at the pump. These tips will help you become a more fuel efficient driver, as well as reduce your overall cost when filling up your gas tank.

  1. Use gas price comparison apps: There are apps that can help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. The most popular gas price apps are Gas Buddy and Upside. Not only will you be able to locate the cheapest price in your area, Gas Buddy offers discounts at the pump when you use their payment card and Upside gives you cashback every time you fill up. Just be sure to activate the offers before pumping your gas.
  2. Drive at a steady speed: Avoid rapid acceleration and sudden braking, which can waste gas and decrease your fuel efficiency.
  3. Keep your tires properly inflated: Properly inflated tires can improve your gas mileage by up to 3%. Be sure to check the driver side door panel for the recommended manufacturers recommended tire pressure.
  4. Reduce your speed: Driving at high speeds consumes more fuel. Driving at a speed of 55 mph can save up to 25% more fuel than driving at 65 mph. Keep in mind that some states have minimum speeds on highways.
  5. Use cruise control: Using cruise control on the highway can help maintain a steady speed, which saves fuel.
  6. Plan your trips: Plan your errands in advance so that you can avoid unnecessary driving and save fuel.
  7. Avoid idling: Idling your car consumes fuel. If you’re going to be stopped for more than a minute, turn off your engine.
  8. Avoid rush hour: Traffic congestion leads to more stop-and-go driving, which wastes fuel. It also means you will be idling quite a bit more.
  9. Use public transportation: Taking public transportation can save you money on gas, especially if you live in a city with good public transportation.
  10. Carpool: Sharing a ride with others can help you save on gas, and also reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. You can split the cost amongst your fellow riders. Plus, some companies reimburse for carpooling.
  11. Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle: If you’re in the market for a new car, choose one with high fuel efficiency. Hybrids are a great option to consider.
  12. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight: Extra weight in your car decreases fuel efficiency.
  13. Use the correct motor oil: Using the correct motor oil for your car can improve fuel efficiency by up to 2%.
  14. Keep your engine tuned: Regular engine tune-ups can improve fuel efficiency by up to 4%.
  15. Avoid using the air conditioning: Using the air conditioning can decrease your fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
  16. Fill up your gas tank in the morning: Gas is denser when it’s cold, so you’ll get more fuel for your money if you fill up in the morning.
  17. Use gas rewards programs: Many gas stations offer rewards programs that can help you save money on gas.
  18. Buy gas in bulk: Buying gas in bulk can save you money, especially if you use a gas rewards credit card.
  19. Use gas price comparison apps: There are apps that can help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area.
  20. Combine trips: Combining multiple errands into one trip can save you gas and time.
  21. Drive less: The less you drive, the less you’ll spend on gas. Consider biking or walking for short trips instead of driving.

Let us know your driving tips to help save money on gas in the comments section below.


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