Budget Friendly Family Shopping Ideas

Saving money is something that is on everybody’s mind these days. With the economic roller coaster we are riding, every penny really does count. Practicing being frugal can help to offset costs for things that we use on a daily basis. Some frugal activities may require a little planning and leg work, but the financial savings really pays off! Here are some basic family frugal tips that will get you saving money in no time!


You don’t have to extreme coupon like the people on TV to walk away from the cash register saving a nice chunk of change. There are tons of coupons in newspapers and on the Internet, most of which are for stuff you may already be buying. For internet coupons, search for coupon websites such as coupons.com and coupon blogs. Also, like your favorite brands (such as food, hygiene products, etc.) on Facebook, since companies use social media to give away high value coupons and free samples.

Shop with the sales ads:

Check your local supermarket’s weekly sales ad for rock bottom prices on things such as seasonal produce and holiday specials (for example, meat and bar-b-que items around Memorial Day and Fourth of July). Lots of things, such as produce, can also be frozen and saved for later when you come across a really great sale. Also, you can combine sale prices with coupons for an even greater savings!

Know when to shop:

Supermarkets usually mark down things such as meat and produce after they open in the morning, making this the best time to shop to get the best deals. You can also shop at your local farmer’s market before closing time, as farmers are anxious to get rid of their products at cheaper prices so they don’t have to bring as much home with them.

Lower your energy consumption:

Turn off lights when possible and use natural lights instead. Unplug or turn off power bars when electronics are not being used (even though something is turned off, it still sucks power if it is plugged in). Try drying your clothes outside or on drying racks inside to limit dryer use. Turn your thermostat up or down during the summer and winter months (while still keeping the temperature comfortable), and try to do all of the cooking in the morning or evening hours, especially during the summer, so you do not heat up your home.

Shop second hand:

Shop local garage sales and thrift stores to find clothes and household items for a fraction of the cost than buying these items brand new.

Share your favorite shopping ideas with other frugal families in the comments section below.


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