10 Items Worth Buying At Dollar Stores

When you are shopping for a bargain, you always make sure the products you are buying are quality goods that you and your family will be happy using. This may be the reason even some bargain hunters shy away from what may be perceived as quality deficient (i.e. dollar store items) items. However, this is usually just a perception that is not quite founded in the truth. Therefore, finding the items that you can actually shop for at dollar stores without suffering quality should be a priority for every family as it can save you money. Here are ten items worthy of getting at the dollar store:

1. Cleaning Supplies:

If you shop with coupons, you might be able to find some awesome bargains on cleaning supplies at your local grocery store. However, even the dollar store brands can be just as good, so you don’t necessarily need to use those coupons. You are likely to save 30% or so compared to name-brand cleaning supplies so it is worth the bargain.

2. Containers:

Remember when Tupperware was the only brand you trusted? Not anymore. Most containers these days are equally good in terms of quality, and you probably wouldn’t know it wasn’t a name-brand.

3. Gift wraps & bags:

For the most part, gift wrapping paper and bags is all about the design, rather than if it will last (since it will likely be ripped open to get to the gift). Most of these items are a bargain at $1 so it is worth visiting the dollar store.

4. Cards:

We typically think of greeting cards as needing a Hallmark message, but many of the inexpensive cards at the dollar store are equally good. Plus, the $0.50 price will sure to bring a smile to you and your wallet. Just add your own message and your personal touch will make the card receiver feel like a million bucks!

5. Holiday Decor:

Need Holiday party supplies at a bargain? Consider the inexpensive Holiday items available at the dollar store. This is a great way to save and will make your party just as festive.

6. Party Supplies:

Going off what was previously mentioned, party supplies are a great bargain at dollar stores. From tablecloths, to helium balloons, you are likely to save 30-50% on similar party supplies compared to the specialty party supply stores.

7. Personal Care:

Combs, Hairbrushes, and toothbrushes are among some of the better items to buy at the dollar store.

8. Picture Frames:

Frame photos or your kids’ drawings with the inexpensive picture frames available for a buck. The picture and memories are what is priceless, so it’s even better when you save on the picture frame.

9. Scented Candles:

A candle is a candle is a candle, right? Well, for the most part. You might spend a few bucks on some more fragrant candles for special occasions, but for the most part the inexpensive candles for $1 will suffice in the meantime. Don’t forget to pick your favorite scent!

10. Shampoo:

This goes along with the bargains mentioned under personal care. As long as the shampoo works for your hair, why not buy it for less at the dollar store?

There are without a doubt, tons of great products to buy at dollar stores. Saving money is what it is all about and that is why you should consider buying the aforementioned top 10 items at dollar stores instead of your normal retail outlets. Consider sharing your favorite dollar store bargains in the comments section below!


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