12 Inexpensive Fun Family Activities During The Fall Season

Fall is upon us and that that means the air is getting chilly, but not so cold that you can’t take the family out for some fun before Winter hits. With so much going on during the Fall season, it’s hard to decide where to go and what to do. Our list of fun-filled Fall family activities will hopefully give you some ideas for you and your family this Autumn.

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch used to simply be a great place to pick out a pumpkin each year. Now, they have amplified the fun with activities your kids will surely enjoy. From bounce houses to inflatable slides, and pony rides to petting zoos, your local pumpkin patch is now the place to visit during the Fall.

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Corn Maze

Corn mazes offer families a great way to work together to reach a common goal (of finding the exit). Be sure to keep an eye on the little ones so they don’t get lost. There are definitely some pretty elaborate corn mazes out there, so be sure to ask for a map of the maze (if available) in case you are with little ones and need to get out of the maze fast.

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Halloween Decorations

Decorate for Halloween on the cheap with glowing eyes in the toilet paper tube, paper cut out bat mobiles, and scarecrows from old clothes and newspaper. Don’t forget to create your own DIY Halloween costume.

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Fall is an amazing time to lace up your boots and hit the trail. Make sure you bring a smartphone or a camera to capture images of things you encounter along the trail. You might spot some native wildlife (e.g. deer or birds) that is sure to get your kids excited. Be sure to leave the trail in better shape than you found it in!

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Most campgrounds, especially in areas where the weather can become severe during the winter, close at the end of October. It is your chance to get your camping gear out one last time and gather around the campfire to share one of the most inexpensive ways to get away, enjoy the company of your family and friends, and enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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Craft Stores

Craft stores often have free or low cost make and take events with fall themed items. Check the websites for your local stores and see what events are going on and sign-up for them in advance. Home Depot & Lowe’s have a Kids Build Day each month. Not only are these events fun for your kids, they are often FREE!

Local Store Activities

Many grocery stores offer a trick-or-treat event in the store leading up to Halloween and also have crafts for the kids to enjoy. They usually advertise these a few weeks in advance. You can finally take the kids food shopping and they will look forward to it!


Trunk-or-treat is a great way for the kids to get candy safely. You might find an event like this in your hometown that is very elaborate and even offers free lunch, pumpkin decorating and crafts. Many churches and community groups offer these in the weeks leading up to Halloween and on Halloween night. For those that have never heard of the term (trunk-or-treat), it is essentially trick-or-treating without the need to go door-to-door. A group will meet up in a parking lot or common area in the town and the kids can go from car-to-car trick-or-treating.

Craft Fairs

Craft fairs pop up all over this time of year and often have fun things added for the kids. Check your town’s website for an events calendar, which will usually list these events.


It’s not too cold yet, so you can still enjoy a picnic at your local park or if you live on the coasts, the beach. Pack a thermos with warm chili or soup, prepare some sandwiches and enjoy it after a hike in the woods.

Fall Festivals

During the Fall, many communities or local churches will host free festivals (a.k.a. Harvest Festivals) that bring the community together for some fun and entertainment. For the parents, there is often live music from local bands/groups and Bingo games. For the kids, there are carnival rides, games and face painting booths. Add-in some delicious food booths and you can have yourself a fun-filled Friday or Saturday night. Typically the proceeds from the ride tickets, games, food booths and other activities goes to support a local cause or organization.

Leaf Peeping

Grab a leaf guide and teach your kids which leaves belong to what tree. Take your family on a nice walk through a local forest or park to find a variety of leaves to investigate. This is not only fun for the kids, it could end up being a useful resource for a future class project.

So what are you and your family waiting for?! Get out and enjoy all that Fall has to offer with these inexpensive Fall family activities!

Does your family have a traditional Fall family activity? Share your favorite Fall season family activities with our readers in the comments section below.

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